Thursday, June 3, 2010

girls talk: shower loot

I missed a few weeks, so I'm glad to join Girls Talk again this Thursday. This week we're talking about what's in my shower loot: (woot woot!)

Firstly, I love Dove products.

I also have a thing for shower gels. Right now I use a nice lavender one (a gift from a friend) and a rich Napa Grape (sent from an Aunt in the 'States). I make it a point to always have something lavender-scented because it's relaxing. The grape-scented one meanwhile makes me happy; it kinda smells like sweetened red wine.

I'm a sucker for handmade soap - not for collecting, but for actual use.

I also like Palmolive shampoos (I'm allergic to the soap though) and Nivea skin products.

Then I've got a loofah to go with the shower gels.

Lastly, I have a homemade body scrub; I use it once in a while for a "home spa treatment". It's easy to make quite nice on the skin - you should try it, I've posted the recipe for it here. :)

Another fun week of

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